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Everyone loves the Easter egg, not the chocolate type, but the hidden secret references or shouts that take up the game. Often, Easter eggs in secret or opaque places can itch your brain or add a fun layer to an otherwise serious game.

We are here to celebrate the often mysterious allusions that appear in almost every game. Join us as we play through the best Easter eggs.

Minecraft Cave – Borderlands 2

The Borderlands series is full of clues, but none is as good and surprising as Minecraft Creeper Cave, which is hidden in the caves area of ​​Borderlands 2.

Potato painting – Hitman 2

It took two years to find it, but eventually someone noticed that IO Interactive was hiding a damn reference to Hitman 2 with a certain painting of Jesus going on an unfortunate “restoration.” This Easter egg went unnoticed until Reddit user u / Tanstaafl – 42 wrote about it in Hitman ‘s subreddit.

Nuked the Fridge – Fallout: New Vegas

You see a lot of weird things in the wilderness, and if you take Wild Wasteland Benefit in Fallout: New Vegas early, you’ll still see weird things. The strangest of these is the refrigerator that contains the body of a particular archaeological adventurer. It seems that attempts to prevent a nuclear explosion did not quite work for old Indy.

A real loan adventure

When you started playing, it was hard to get credit for your work. Adventure programmer Warren Robinett took matters into his own hands, which meant inventing the first Easter egg. After completing a series of unlikely actions, you will enter a hidden state with the words “Created by Warren Robinett.” This became strong in the movie and book Ready Player One.

Unsuccessful proposal – Spider-Man

The saddest Easter egg on this list has a suggestion that a Spider-Man fan can add to their game. In the game, the movie tent asks Maddie to marry Tyler Schultz. Unfortunately, the proposal came too late when the pair broke up before the game was released.

Arkham Blueprint Room – Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum is full of secrets and hidden spaces, but it took more than six months to find this Easter egg – until the developer announced it in a podcast because no one had come any closer. Breaking a wall in Warden Sharp’s office gives you access to a secret area that points to the next game in the Rocksteady series – Batman: Arkham City. Very dirty, Rocksteady.

Kids of Goldshire – World of Warcraft

The scariest Easter egg ever? Alternatively. There is a house near Goldshire, in the human area of ​​Elwynn Forest. At certain times of the day, six children gather in this house to stand in a pentagram formation while playing creepy music and sounds. What does this Easter egg mean? No one knows yet … and to be honest, we may not want to know.

John Romero’s Head – Doom 2

One of the most famous Easter eggs is John Romero’s severed head. The game designer has the final stage of Doom 2 behind the last castle of the last boss. It turns out that the icon of sin is not the last boss of the game, but John Romero himself, and he has to kill.

No Easter Eggs – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This is not technically an Easter egg, although it is a hidden secret. Why? Since this Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Secret says it, if you fly to the top of the Gant Bridge, you’ll find this hidden character that really isn’t an Easter egg, right? Finally, the famous ending of Silent Hill 2. This serious meditation on grief, loss, and guilt has a few different endings, but the best part is where the protagonist, James Sunderland, finds out who is behind his suffering. That’s right, it was a dog all the time.

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