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If you’re an avid gamer and social media user, you’re probably never considering setting up a game blog. Unfortunately, you’ve also taken into account that video game sites are quite numerous and this may have prevented you from pulling the trigger.

The good news is that almost any network can be successful with the right strategies, which I will discuss in this article.

Because when you think about it, new sources are brought to market every year, and the most stubborn always struggle to survive (YouTube channels, websites, social media accounts, and more).

Create a successful game blog

Exploring building a successful gaming blog in 2020 (and beyond) requires a certain first step: deciding whether to go wide or niche.

Admittedly, the first far-reaching option is difficult to break, as it typically covers a wide range of gaming topics. This can be:

Daily game news (several times a day, also for different game consoles)
By writing comprehensive software and / or hardware reviews
Other intermediate topics, e.g., B. Advisory Articles
Unless you have the time and patience, I recommend hiring one or two freelancers to keep your blog up to date. This doesn’t have to be too expensive, as messages are usually just 100 words. Covering a wide range of topics can certainly yield results, but you’ll probably need help along the way. Alternatively, keeping your blog more specific (or pushing it down) can even get better results and even avoid leading a group of freelancers.

Niche game blog ideas to make it more manageable:

Focus especially on retro content. Nostalgia is huge, especially among players. Many topics need to be discussed for decades from the 1960s to the early 2000s.

A blog about indie gaming that has undoubtedly caused a storm in the gaming industry. While these games are much less popular, they usually develop a cult position that can end up on your blog if you treat them thoroughly.

Write about business and finance. Some blogs have led many Followers to discuss gaming topics. These can include companies that overload players, a general lack of credits in digital sales, a game that lacks sophistication, and many other keyboard shortcut issues.

Focus on distracting games from a fun perspective (rather than a critical perspective). Players usually enjoy the strange behavior of the game. Even if you don’t spot the errors yourself, you can still cover them once you’ve analyzed the original source and corrected it correctly.

Focus on games with accessibility options and explain them in depth. Many disabled players have lost certain titles because these games do not usually reveal availability information. Take the opportunity to become an authority in this area.

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